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“I’d been worrying for weeks about my Father of the Bride Speech, but Mark took the jumbled-up thoughts I’d had and turned them into the most beautiful words.”    A. Millyard, Northamptonshire

“Gran’s 75th Birthday was made all the better for the poem Mark wrote – she laughed out loud as he’d managed to fit in a whole verse about Arthur, her cat.”   M Randall, Warwickshire

“We didn’t know what to get our friends on the birth of their daughter – the short story we commissioned from Mark was sweet, tender and unique. They still read it to her at bedtime, and she’s nearly 3!”  B Davies, Australia

“A good friend of mine has just got a new prestigious job. I wanted to
congratulate him but no card or expensive gift said exactly what I wanted to
say. I sent information about him to Licence To Quill, and within a couple
of days they sent me back a sonnet that covered all the information I had
sent about my friend. When he read the sonnet he thought it was brilliant
and absolutely loved it. There is something really good about getting
something for someone that demonstrates you know them.  That is always
better than spending loads of money on a gift that shows no thought. I
highly recommend the Licence to Quill service.” Robert Caren, Hotelier